(There will be unloading areas at each end of the show grounds.)

Some parking areas may be some distance from your ring(s).  Unloading areas are provided on the West and East sides of the showgrounds.  After unloading and when parked in the DAY OF SHOW parking areas, shuttle services will be available for the movement people.  Please be aware that the shuttle services are primarily for people and are very limited in the transporting of dogs or equipment.   Therefore, if you will need the shuttle services, be sure to unload all dogs and equipment from the Unloading Areas to your set-up space.

Please follow the instructions of parking attendants.  The time limit in the unloading/loading areas is 15 mins.  With no exceptions.   Day-of-Show parking will be $20.00 per parking space.  Vehicles requiring more than one space (motor homes, etc.) will be parked in the Day-of-Show overflow parking lot and will be charged $20.00 per space used. No overnight parking will be allowed in the Day of Show parking lots.  Anyone not following KCPS rules risks having his/her vehicle towed at owners’ expense. 


​Abusive Behavior - Towing Policy - Towing Fees

Any abusive behavior, toward parking attendants, other exhibitors, judges, ring staff, or any others WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.    KCPS and Empire Polo Club assume no responsibility for fire, theft or damage to vehicles, cargo, and/or personal property whether legally or illegally parked.  Overnight parking is not permitted on the streets in Indio.

Towing Policy Cars parked in the unloading zone for more than 20 minutes will be towed without any public announcement. Please be considerate of other exhibitors or club officials who need to load & unload dogs, equipment, trophies, etc also.

The towing fee will be $100.00, plus the $20 day-of-show parking fee. $120.00 TOTAL payable immediately.