From Monroe, turn right onto Horse Show Road

1. Day-of-show parking for cars and small vans may be on grass. No setups allowed in day-of-show parking area.

2. All parking on streets adjacent to the show site will be subject to local regulations and restrictions.

3. No un-entered dogs will be allowed on the show grounds.



4. Unloading zones will be indicated; cars may not be left unattended.  Cars are not to be left in unloading zone for more than 15 minutes.  Please unload and move your vehicle from the loading zone to the general parking area, as directed, and return to your dog(s) and equipment. 

5. Guards will be on duty Friday and Saturday nights and on the days of the shows, but neither KCPS nor Empire Polo Club can be responsible for any personal property left unattended under grooming tents.

6. No exercise pens/setups will be allowed within 20 feet of any ring, in the center aisles, or in any other area posted "No Setups".

Dogs & Crates

7. Dogs/crates are allowed under main tents ONLY during judging for that breed – NO EXCEPTIONS - unattended dogs/crates will be removed by KCPS.  One crate per dog will be permitted in the center aisle, and it must be removed immediately after each dog is excused from further judging on that day.  No crates are to be left overnight. NO UNATTENDED SOFT CRATES ARE ALLOWED ON THE SHOW GROUNDS.

Grounds Availability

8. Grounds will not be available for setups until 3 PM Wednesday. This time may be modified at the discretion of the Show Committee. There may be some distance from setup area to your ring(s).  Please allow enough time to get to your ring on time.

Non-covered events or Circumstances

9. Events or circumstances not covered in these operating policies and procedures may be subject to special consideration and stipulations, as deemed appropriate by Empire Polo Club management.

Other Information

10. There will be chairs available at ringside; however, KCPS cannot guarantee that there will always be chairs available at every ring, as needed.  Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own chairs.

11. Areas that are not marked RESERVED or marked “NO SET-UPS” are for “No cost” grooming. No set-ups are allowed in aisles or within 20 ft. of a ring.  Exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own shade for these areas.  Please make the best possible use of those areas and be considerate of others.

12. No Smoking under tents per Empire Polo Grounds.

13. NO Flexi Leads allowed on show grounds during show hours.

14. All Grooming is to be done in Provided Areas away from any ring.