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Due to fire, health and safety regulations from the Riverside County Fire Marshall’s Office, NO PERSONAL GENERATORS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE SHOW GROUNDS (except for KCPS & contracted KCPS business entities and built-in RV units in Standard Overnight RV Parking).

ALL Tented Reserved grooming spaces will have power and lights.  Grooming lights will be functional in all grooming tents.  Lights will be on starting at 6AM Thursday through Sunday and will be turned off at 8PM Thursday through Saturday; grooming lights will be off on Sunday at beginning of Best in Show.   Grooming Spaces are rented in blocks of 4 days for all days of the show; rentals for shorter periods are not being offered. If an exhibitor wishes to rent grooming space for less than 4 days, they will need to partner with other grooming exhibitors to share costs and schedules for a space. 

  • The cost for each space for 4 days with 20-amp power $170.00.

  • Grooming power is available from Wednesday, January 5th by 3PM until Sunday, January 9th at 6PM. 

  • Grooming space rentals can be made by visiting WheresMySpace.com.

  • You will need to have a three (3) prong, 50 Ft. extension cord to access power from the distribution box(s) to your space.  

  • All reserved, tented grooming spaces are 10’ x 10 feet. They will be available for occupancy after 3 PM on Wednesday, January 5th.  Power will be available same day by or before 5PM.

Neither the Kennel Club of Palm Springs, Group clubs, specialty clubs and members or service providers assume any responsibility for damage/theft of personal property or injury to dogs at the show. X-pens placed in your space under the tent must have plastic sheeting come up the sides’ approximately 18” on the backs and sides of exercise pens. X-pens placed adjacent to the grooming tents MUST not block aisle or access to grooming spaces. Please keep your area clean and picked up. The grooming tents will be checked each night for cleanliness. The Show Chairman and Show Committee reserve the right to make all decisions concerning assignment of the reserved grooming spaces.

Online Grooming Reservations (www.WheresMySpace.com)

RESERVE YOUR SPACE ONLINE at www.WheresMySpace.com.  Online grooming reservations begin October 14, 2022.  Late fee of $20 per 10x10 will be added for reservations received after November 30, 2022. Online grooming reservations will close when all spaces are sold or December 14, 2022, whichever comes first.  Please select the grooming tent you want to be under. The Committee will arrange reservations under the tents. Please note on your online form if you have box truck parking. If you wish to be adjacent to another exhibitor, please make your online reservations together or indicate request online in comments section. If you reserve different tents, we cannot move you next to one another.

Mailed in reservations - There is no guarantee on tent location when mailing reservations.  The Online Reservation System website www.WheresMySpace.com is highly recommended when making your reservation. If you wish to be adjacent to another exhibitor, please send or make your reservations together or indicate request online in comments section. Every effort will be made to optimize the placement of your space. Exhibitors should have no expectation of being adjacent to any specific exhibitor or ring.  One check and form per space or person.  Request to set up next to each other must be mailed in the same envelope (No exceptions).  All attempts will be made to accommodate requested locations but with No Guarantees.   Mailed in reservations should note the tent location preferences.  If your desired tent is sold out, the next closest tent will be used.  If all of our reserved spaces are filled, your request and payment will be returned.  RESERVE YOUR SPACE ONLINE at www.WheresMySpace.com.


Day crating areas may only be used during the judging of that breed. The Show Committee reserves the right to consolidate spaces or move exhibitors’ items to accommodate other exhibitors.  NO ELECTRICAL HOOKUPS, USE OF DRYERS, TRIMMING OR SCISSORING, BATHING OF DOGS OR OVERNIGHT SETUP IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE DAY CRATING AREAS OF THE MAIN SHOW TENTS.   ALL AISLES MUST BE KEPT CLEAR.  


Although grooming reservations are recommended at our show, the Kennel Club of Palm Springs has No Cost grooming areas without power, in selected grass areas.  Non-Reserved Grooming areas will be available for set up after 2PM on Wednesday or when released by the Show Committee. Non–reserved grooming is available in areas not marked “RESERVED GROOMING”, not marked as “NO SET-UPS”  No Set-Ups or Grooming area allowed in the main aisles or fire lanes.  All grooming areas must be at least 20 ft. from the rings. Spaces may be limited – arrive early. Please bring your own shade. ALL GROOMING UNDER TENTS IS PAID GROOMING WITH POWER. There ARE NO FREE GROOMING AREAS UNDER THE GROOMING TENTS. The show Committee reserves the right to consolidate spaces to accommodate exhibitors.

Reservations for Tented & Powered Grooming must be received no later than November 30, 2022. A late fee of $20 per 10x10 will be added for reservations received after November 30, 2022.

Fees will not be refunded and reservations cannot be changed after December 6, 2022.

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